The Good Separation and Divorce Masterclass by 

Jacqueline Wharton - Australia's first Separation and Divorce Advisor.

Reviewed and Approved by one of Australia's leading Family Law Barristers.

Endorsed by the Honourable Robyn Sexton (former Family Law Judge).

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Feel empowered to find a better way through your divorce and get started on your new life.

Are you thinking about separating or in the middle of a divorce? I can imagine you are feeling overwhelmed, scared or even out of control. I get it.

As Australia’s first Separation and Divorce Advisor and coach, an ex-lawyer and corporate negotiation advisor – and most importantly, someone who has been through a distressing and heartbreaking divorce with three little kids - I am on a mission to support and guide those experiencing separation to have a better divorce experience.

Over the last 15 years, I have saved thousands of people countless $$, time and energy by sharing my unique insights and warmly supporting them successfully through to the other side of their divorce – and I would like to help you too.

My Good Separation and Divorce Masterclass will help you be the best and smartest version of yourself through your divorce – you will be informed, know how to make good decisions and be clear about what you want and what you need to do next. 

You will be divorce fit and savvy and be able to move beyond your divorce much more efficiently and constructively. This will save you a lot of money, time and emotional stress.

You will be better, not bitter!


Australia’s First Separation and Divorce Coach

15 years of experience in divorce's legal, practical and emotional aspects.

Over 15,000 hours helping individuals and couples successfully through separation and divorce.


  • Are not sure how you want to separate or how to leave
  • Want to understand how the law works with finances and parenting arrangements
  • Are worried about what to do next and whether the decisions that you are making now may come back to bite you later
  • Want to protect your kids from the impact of your divorce 
  • Need some emotional support and direction through your divorce
  • Want to negotiate with your ex but don’t know how to start
  • Are about to commence mediation but don’t know how to prepare or what to expect
  • Know that you need to see a family lawyer but are not sure what information to take or what questions to ask – or how to keep your costs down
  • Have nearly reached an agreement with your ex but don’t know how to make it legally binding

this Masterclass will provide you with a step by step guide through your divorce, empowering you by informing and supporting you through your journey.

Hi, I’m Jacqueline

Over 16 years ago, my marriage fell apart when my husband told me he wanted to separate. It was heartbreaking and distressing, and we had three little kids under three.

I felt lost and confused EVEN though I was an experienced corporate lawyer and negotiation and conflict advisor. The Australian family law system seemed overwhelming and intimidating, and there were so many different areas to get across (the kids, the money, the house - my heart). Argh! And while I knew deep down that everything would be smoother (and I would get a better result) if we kept lawyers out of it and negotiated ourselves, I didn't know how to begin.

I had a lawyer, a psychologist and a mediator, but I needed someone in my corner to pull it all together. I needed someone to educate, guide and empower me in my divorce – and be kind to me simultaneously (as I was pretty raw)!

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  • Understood how the Australian Family law  system works – in terms of the property split, spousal maintenance, child support,  parenting arrangements and divorce
  • Had created a clear negotiating strategy in terms of discussions with your ex, whether they be financial or parenting negotiations
  • Understood where you were in your emotional divorce journey and felt confident about how to make good and sound divorce decisions
  • Knew why children suffer from divorce and understood how to support them – while also coming up with a plan that works well for everyone – but most importantly, your kids
  • Felt confident about how to communicate with your ex and how to approach your mediation
  • Felt confident about when to seek legal advice and knew the tricks to save you heaps of money and time with your family lawyer


The entire Good Separation and Divorce Masterclass includes all 10 modules made up of 50 videos (and associated worksheets) covering all things separation and divorce.

However, because I know some people really want separation information to help them with parenting matters or with their finances, I have also created mini courses that deal specifically with those particular issues that include only the videos relevant to that topic. 

For those people who are separating more amicably, I have created a course which provides both of you with the information you need to start your negotiations with each other. 


More Information about My Courses

The Good Separation and Divorce Masterclass

This platinum course includes all 10 Modules. It covers everything divorce from how to make Good Divorce Decisions, to how the law works with respect to divorce, financials, parenting and beyond.

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Your Children: Parenting and Divorce

Provides you with essential divorce parenting information from both a legal, practical, and emotional perspective.

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Money Matters: Your Financials and Divorce

Provides you with the essential information you need to know about your property split, spousal maintenance, child support and your obligation of financial disclosure.

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Thinking about Leaving

This course is jam packed with information, tips and strategies if you are contemplating separation including from an emotional, practical, financial and legal perspective.

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The Amicable Divorce Mini-Course for Couples

A minicourse designed for couples who wish to work together amicably and constructively to finalise their separation and divorce. This course can be undertaken by couples together.  The cost is inclusive for both of you but you each get a separate log in to the course.

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Endorsed by the Honourable Robyn Sexton, former Judge of the Federal and Family Circuit Court of Australia


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I have thought about whether to offer live communities or live stream Q and A sessions as a part of this course. However, to protect your privacy, I will send a weekly newsletter with answers to questions that members of the course have asked me. That way, no one has to worry about their ex being in the same chat room as them at the same time. But you can also learn from the experiences of others experiencing separation and divorce in Australia.

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