The Good Separation and Divorce Masterclass

gives you access to the entire 10 Modules which covers everything divorce from how to make Good Divorce Decisions, to how the law works and beyond. This is the platinum course and includes all ten modules, 50 videos and associated worksheets.

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Your Children: Parenting and Divorce

provides you with essential divorce parenting information from both a legal, practical, and emotional perspective.  You will understand how:

  • The law works in parenting matters
  • To talk to your children about divorce
  • Work out your parenting goals and values
  • To protect your children from any negative impacts of divorce (including my 10 Child Focused Divorce Commandments)
  • Care arrangements work and what are the best care schedules and why
  • To put a parenting agreement, plan tor Orders  together
  • To communicate and negotiate parenting with the other parent including the Golden Rule of Divorce negotiations)
  • What to do if you can’t come to an agreement with the other parent

Includes Foundations of Separation and Divorce and Your Mindset Modules.

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Money Matters: Your Financials And Divorce

provides you with the essential information you need to know about your property split, spousal maintenance, child support and your obligation of financial disclosure.  You will understand how:

  • The property split of assets and debts works
  • To put a balance sheet together and to divide assets and debts
  • Spousal maintenance works
  • Child support is calculated and how to object to a CSA assessment
  • What financial documents your ex needs to disclose  to you (and vice versa)
  • To negotiate your financials with your ex (including the Golden Rule of Divorce negotiations)
  • To make your financial agreements legally enforceable

Includes Foundations of Separation and Divorce and Your Mindset Modules

Special Introductory Price $295 plus GST

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Thinking about Leaving (Introductory Course)

This introductor course is jam packed with  information, tips and strategies if you are contemplating separation. Learn:

  • What to consider if you are thinking about leaving from an emotional perspective including how to have the discussion with your ex
  • What practical, financials and legal steps you should consider taking if preparing to leave
  • The pros and cons of different living arrangements e (eg nesting or leaving the home) and associated template agreements
  • What interim financial decisions you might need to take to protect yourself
  • What are the various pathways of coming to agreements on finances and parenting with your ex

Includes Foundations of Separation and Divorce 

 Price $125 plus GST

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The Amicable Divorce Mini-Course for Couples

I work with many amicable couples to finalise their separation and divorce agreements. My job is support, inform and guide them through the various practical, parenting, financial, legal and emotional aspects of their separation and beyond. While this Masterclass has been designed for individuals, I have packed into this minicourse all the videos (and worksheets) to equip and empower couples who wish to work together collaboratively through their separation and divorce.

This minicourse includes Matter Management and Mindset vidoes, the former which I recommend be undertaken such by each person individually.  

The course price includes two separate logins.  Once one person has paid, they need to provide the email address of their partner to me at [email protected] so that they can be provided with access details.

Special Introductory Price $600 plus GST

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The MODULES in detail

I have divided this Masterclass into 10 Modules with associated worksheets that you can access at your own pace. 

Module One:

Introduction and Foundations of Divorce in Australia

This Module covers the foundations of your divorce – in essence, the things you need to know whether you are at the beginning or middle of your separation journey. We:

  • Examine where you (and your ex) may be on your divorce journeys.
  • Focus on issues of safety, security and privacy.
  • Explore the Golden Rule of Divorce Negotiations.
  • Examine the different ways of agreeing with your ex on parenting and finances.
  • Learn about good divorce record-keeping practices (for example, what records should you protect yourself during your divorce).

Module Two:

Your Mojo/Mindset Module

This Module is all about you. How you are feeling and why during your divorce. Having worked with thousands of men and women who were going through a divorce, I have seen many patterns of emotions that most people experience. This Module is about harnessing those experiences to prepare you for your divorce journey and afterwards. In this Module, we will:

  • Focus on your uncomfortable or darker emotions and learn how to harness them.
  • Create your divorce beacon and anchor.
  • Learn about self-care and self-soothing techniques.
  • Explore and create your new life.

Module Three:

Interim Decision Making

This Module is for people who are contemplating separation. It covers what you might want to think about when thinking about leaving, if you do leave, how to tell your partner and some things you may want to consider from a strategic and legal perspective, e.g. living arrangements. In this Module, we cover:

  • Things to consider before leaving your relationship (emotional and practical).
  • How to leave (and what to say to your partner – and when).
  • Different living arrangements (including nesting and whether to stay in or leave the house).

Plus, much more.

Module Four:

Introduction to Separation and Divorce in Australia

This Module introduces you to the Australian Legal System. We briefly outline how the various components of the family law system work together. Highlights include:

  • An introduction to the Australian family law ecosystem explained.
  • How to determine the date of separation and why it is important.
  • How to get divorced and its implications.
  • The role of your family lawyer in your divorce.

Module Five:

Parenting and Your Children’s Divorce

If you have kids, no doubt you will want to know how to ensure they are protected as much as possible from your divorce: while it is sad, it isn't bad. In this Module, we:

  • Explore in quite a bit of detail how to protect your kids from the impact of your separation.
  • Tips on how to parenting
  • Discuss how you can be the best parent you can be through a divorce. 
  • Focus on what to say to your kids about your separation.

Module Six:

Parenting and the Australian Family Law System

In this Module, we focus on parenting under the Family Law Act, talk more about different scheduling, make a parenting plan, and discuss your options if you cannot agree. Highlights include:

  • How parenting works under the Australian Family Law.
  • Creating a Parenting Plan (including some of the pitfalls of different arrangements).  
  • An examination of varying parenting schedules.
  • The differences between Parenting Orders, Parenting Plans and Parenting Agreements.
  • What to Do If you Can’t Come to An Agreement with your Children’s Other Parent.

Module Seven:

Your Financials: Disclosure and Your Property Split

We spend a whole Module examining your property split and touching on your duty of financial disclosure. You learn all about your property split, which assets and debts are included, and we go through a step-by-step approach to putting your balance sheet together and dividing your pool. In this Module we:

  • Work through your obligations of financial disclosure.
  • Examine what assets and debts are included in your property split.
  • Focus on how the Australian law divides assets and debts between separating couples.
  • Prepare a balance sheet and work out how to divide assets and debts (item by item and via percentage).

Module Eight:

Your Financials: Disclosure and Your Property Split

 Your Finances (Spousal Maintenance, Child Support and the Legal Enforceability of your Agreements).

This Module focuses on how spousal support and child support work. We talk more about budgeting, dividing your stuff, and making your agreement enforceable. Highlights include:

  • A thorough examination of spousal maintenance and how it may apply to you.
  • Child Support (including how it is calculated, what to do if you disagree with your calculation, how to engage with the Child Support Agency and Binding Child Support Agreements).
  • An examination of Adult Child Maintenance.
  • How to make your financial agreements legally enforceable (including  Binding Financial Agreements and Court Consent Orders, including some of the risks involved in DIY Court Applications for Consent Orders).

Module Nine:

Communication, Negotiation and Making Good Divorce Decisions

This Module is about how to pull everything together and negotiate with your ex. We talk about when and how to communicate with your ex and go into a lot of detail about how to negotiate using my negotiation approach and worksheets that you can use again and again (and not only in your divorce but in your negotiations more generally). We also look at different strategies underpinning how to make good divorce decisions. This Module includes:

  • Some tips on questions to ask before communicating with your ex.
  • The five F words of good divorce communication.
  • An in-depth examination of divorce negotiation techniques (with detailed worksheets with case examples). 
  • An exploration of what a good divorce decision looks like.

Module Ten:

Mediation and Your Family Lawyer

In this Module, we focus on getting prepared to mediate and preparing for your first meeting with your family lawyer. Mediation can be scary without knowing what to expect and how to prepare for it from matter management and mindset perspective, so we go into depth about this. Highlights include:

  • How to Choose your Mediator 
  • What to expect during your mediation
  • What to do and what not to do during your mediation
  • How to find the right lawyer for you
  • What to take to your first meeting
  • How billing works with your lawyer and how to keep your legal costs down
  • How to assess whether you should leave your lawyer (and tips to try before doing so)
This is just a snapshot of all the information that these Modules offer you.
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Be Better, Not Bitter

Get your free video and checklists from my MasterClass to help you prepare if you are thinking about separating – or to make sure you have protected yourself if you have already separated.

Knowledge is power and even in the most amicable of divorces, it helps to know that you have taken all the right steps early on in your separation. 

(Please note: This video and associated worksheets are Video 3 of Module 1 of the Masterclass.) 


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